Giving Thanks at the Holidays

In the spirit of giving at the holidays I find that my favorite thing is to think of a gift that not only will be enjoyed by friends, clients and colleagues alike, but also support a friend’s local business.  This year my gifts included the two newest spice rubs from Just Cook Foods: Close to Curry and Gimme Steak blends ( and Coco Lavender and Rose Chili cacao truffles that another friend developed during the past year (more on this as she further establishes her product in the marketplace).



My two incredible office associates, Lauren and Ashley (without whom I truly could not have accomplished such a task), worked behind the scenes stamping and packaging 50+ holiday treats.


bags with logo

bags for chocolate


I want to emphasize again how much I count on not only these two, but a pretty wonderful range of friends across both my interior design and event production businesses who provide resources and continue to support me throughout the year.  I am really that grateful.

Here’s to a prosperous 2013 for all of us!